E-Bike tours – All you need to know to Experience it !!!


Are u a sports enthusiast?  Have you ever tried e biking when you are on your exciting holiday tour adventure? If not then e biking in Goa is for you.


Goa has a lot to offer in beaches, adventure water sports, forts, waterfalls…

E-biking is a sport that is gaining popularise and people being health-conscious are going all for it.

Experience an E-bike tour in Goa is an awesome experience where you get to drive your bike in the most amazing atmosphere and environment. Breathing fresh air while driving is what everyone needs. We have now a new initiative of e-bike tourism offering authentic and curated tours.

It’s a big world out there that you are waiting to explore.


Why one should prefer e-bikes?

Fuel is not involved that costs a damn amount of cost and it’s fun driving without that.

There is no Carbon dioxide but only fresh Oxygen part of this drive.

Being e-bikes you will only smile and not sweat in the heat.


E-bikes come in all forms – Easy bike, Adventure bike, City bike.

Enhanced ergonomics to give you great posture while driving.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory but kneepads and elbow guards are not mandatory.


Explore the natural beauty of Goa and experience the calm and relaxing environment.

E-bike tours are worth experiencing as you will have a bike captain assisting you at every point in clicking pictures and suggesting photo points. Their very energetic team makes you explore the best of Goa.

Enjoy the sunset, local shopping, local food, and much more.

Cycle through some of the stunning stretches in Goa and experience its natural beauty. Cycle through the buildings, oldest churches, and monuments of Goa standing relevant even today. Get to know the revolutionary thinkers who shaped Goa over the years in the field of town planning, art, and architecture. Enjoy the great views into the daily lives of locals, learning about local techniques.

Feel the smell of freshly baked Paos and have delicious exotic seafood.


A wide variety of Goa tours are available – North Goa & South Goa Tours

Escape to Divar Island – E Bike Tour

This tour is around 3 hours 30 minutes.

Head to Divar and explore beyond typical beaches a completely different realm that exists across Mandovi River. Situated just a few miles from the capital city of Panjim, ride through patches of fields, mangroves, churches, temples, and beautiful houses. Enjoy the traditional activities of fishing and catch some.

Enjoy the E-biking experience on the beautiful winding roads of Divar Island.

Temple sites dating back to almost 1000 years.

Finest churches of Goa with a great 360-degree view.

Enjoy fishing and grab some of them.

We depart from our hub at Old Goa and take a ferry ride to Divar Island.

We head to the fisherman’s hut overlooking the city of Old Goa.

As we proceed to a mystical temple site, we visit one of the finest baroque churches of Goa on our way.

Refresh yourself at a very peaceful Resort.



This is a 3 hours tour.

This unique e-bike tour traces some of the far reaches of the multicultural side of Panjim, providing a perfect setting to experience the cultural heritage, vibrant present, and scenic highlights of the city. We start right at what was the starting point for entering Panjim during the Portuguese times and ride up the Altinho hill, currently a hub for government offices, art gallery centers, and grand residences. Get the bird’s eye view of the city and brace yourself for a ride full of fascinating facts, anecdotes, and surprises. Snack up on some mouth-watering delicacies after a fun-filled thrilling ride.


  • Ride past the well-preserved heritage and culture of Panjim.
  • Immerse yourself in interesting stories, little anecdotes, lip-smacking feasts, and fascinating facts of Panjim.
  • Savor an authentic Goan snack and coffee in the oldest ward of Panjim.



This is a 3 hours tour.

Explore the beautiful island of Chorao, along the Mandovi River on e-bikes. Effortlessly ride through the lush green fields and peaceful, unseen streets of the island. Discover an ancient church that has an interesting story behind the oyster shell windows. Unwind at an open field overlooking the city of Panaji and refresh yourself with a local Goan breakfast. The captain will show you around the Sluice gate (Maanos) and explain its importance to the local fishermen and farmers. Explore the ancient temple built-in 1934 as you ride along the countryside lined with churches and picturesque Portuguese homes.


  • A ferry ride to the beautiful island of Chorao, known as the island of the noblemen.
  • An effortless e-bike ride through the scenic countryside surrounded by colorful houses and lush trees.
  • Anecdotes about the oldest church and temple in Chorao.
  • Enjoy a local Goan breakfast on an open paddy field overlooking the city of Panaji.
  • Explore the concept of sluice gates (Maanos) which are a man-made wonder and important to farmers and fishermen of the village.




This is a 3 hours tour.

Try jumping back and forth between centuries with ease in the lost city of Old Goa. Unearth the layers of rich history dating back to over a thousand years. The ancient and magnificent churches of Old Goa are today one of the most remarkable and impressive sights in all of Asia with many secrets and stories to tell. You might just want to stay a little longer and listen to the glorious past of these magnificent monuments. Perfect for those seeking a scenic tour, as you ride to the highest point in Old Goa to get a panoramic view.


  • E-biking experience in the majestic former colonial capital of Goa
  • Explore insights into the layers of Portuguese and pre-Portuguese history
  • Entry to some of the most ancient churches of Goa that are recognized as UNESCO world heritage monuments.
  • A panoramic experience from the highest point in Old Goa.
  • A box of delicacies to relish from the oldest bakeries in Goa.




This one is a 3 hours 30 mins trip.

Discover, hidden in the bold and powerful pieces on display by some of the most eminent people of the Bardez region. Calangute is a canvas for contemporary riders, a cache of natural beauty, ancient history, and breath-taking art! This tour offers a chance to experience the tranquil side of Calangute and Candolim that gets masked by the chaos and commercialization.


  • A clean, green, and effortless E-biking experience.
  • Access to a private space that’s well-known for contemporary art.
  • Refreshments at a contemporary bakery.
  • Uncover trivia about many Goan artists as you ride through the otherworldly side of Calangute and Candolim.



This is a 3 hours trip.

Stories by the Bay showcases the multicultural side of Bambolim and its neighboring villages that’s been preserved to date. As we cycle by the bay, we absorb a very traditional and grassroots feel of Bambolim. This ride consists of layers of history that depict the existence of different dynasties and cultures. It’s a collection of natural and ancient delights that will easily take the rider’s breath away. Not just that, one gets to enjoy an interactive session with the local fishermen folks and learn all about sustainable fish farming. As you refresh and refuel yourself at the serene and scenic Amrapali Café house, learn all about its heritage and architecture. Brace yourself for a roller coaster ride full of fascinating facts, anecdotes, heritage, and surprises along the bay.

3 Hours Available every day at 9 am & 3.30 pm Grand Hyatt Goa, Bambolim


  • Ride through a beautiful road with greenery on one side and a beach on the other.
  • Get to know all about sustainable fish farming
  • Learn all about the legends and myths associated with Bambolim and its neighboring villages
  • Refreshments at the serene and scenic Amrapali Café while absorbing the details about its heritage and architecture.



This is a 2 hour 30 mins tour.

If you’re a ‘Sun and Sand’ person, you’ve definitely heard of the Vagator beach in Goa. The Vagator village is colorful, humble, and flaunts a close-knit community of the locals. Always ready for a polite conversation, they will mesmerize you with enchanting stories! The perfect tribute to culture and serenity, Vagator is an experience one must not miss out on.


  •  E-biking experience in the mesmerizing lanes of Vagator village.
  • Insight into fish buying and selling with an exclusive interaction with fishermen.
  • Share folktales and stories at a historical and renowned cave temple.
  • A refreshing drink at a famous joint, popular among the locals.
  • Scenic sunset view from Chapora Fort.



This is a 2 hour 30 mins tour.

Lined with an array of quaint cafes, bakeries, and restaurants, enjoy a picturesque ride on the streets of Panjim. Grab a baked treat at a Portuguese-inspired café or satisfy your taste buds with authentic Goan and Portuguese cuisine. Along the way, you will be charmed by the lively locals and colonial buildings filled with nostalgia. With this food trail, treat yourself to the fine culinary delights of the city.


  • Indulge in appetizing food and a variety of local delicacies which will have you craving for more.
  • A guide on how to make a refreshing thirst cooler Kokum which is a must-have on a hot day.
  • Visit some of the oldest buildings and colorful local homes.
  • Ride through colorful lanes of Fontainhas, a UNESCO Heritage Zone.




Choose your own group

Guests geared up with a safety kit of gloves, mask, helmets, and sanitizers

No handshakes.

All locations are marked safe

Temperature and health check-ups every day of the staff and guests



What is included in the tour

  • E-Bikes
  • Safety Kit
  • Guided Tour
  • Trained Captain
  • Snacks and Refreshments
  • A Sling bag to carry your belongings
  • Water bottle
  • Safety Gear
  • First Aid support
  • Back up support in case of technical issue
  • Personal Insurance

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Alcoholic beverage
  • 2-wheeler and LMV rentals
  • Tips
  • Hotel pick up or drop off

Travel Tips

  • Please avoid bringing any plastic disposables to the island. And just in case if you happen to carry one, please take it back with you.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. This will help in riding comfortably.
  • Carry sunscreen lotion and shades.
  • The starting age to ride the Ebikes is 11+ years. In the case of children below the age of 11 or guests who are uncomfortable riding the Ebikes, separate arrangements can be made of Two/Four wheelers on a paid basis. Prior Intimation is required to make arrangements.



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