Aviation industry opens up slowly and steadily

With the Airline industry being one of the most influenced during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is significant that they return to administer the skies, however with restricted goals. So now planes are without a doubt flying far and wide on restricted universal routes.

Tokyo International Film festival to be held despite Corona Virus outbreak

The Tokyo International Film festival that is scheduled from Oct 31 to Nov 9 will go ahead with a physical screening at its 33rd edition.

Dubai Airport becomes the first airport to deploy dogs to sniff and detect Coronavirus

Dubai has deployed specially trained police dogs at its airport to detect coronavirus. 

7 European countries lift travel ban on couples 


Countries in the said list are Denmark, Iceland, The Netherlands,  Norway, The Czech Republic, Austria & Switzerland. This will apply to any third country national who is in a romantic relationship or other close partnership, even if the couple is in a registered partnership and is not married.

Seychelles bans all cruise ships till the finish of 2021 in the midst of the spread of COVID-19

 An authority from the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) expressed that the situation in the travel industry, be that as it may, might experience a flood during the last quarter of this current year. The travel industry part confronted the impasse when the nation shut all its borfers to contain the spread of COVID-19. Likewise, flight availability was halted, which affected the division further.

Namibia set to receive tourists with a COVID Negative certificate.
Cyprus to bear medical costs for anyone who is affected for any visitor who gets infected by COVID-19.
White house in the US will resume public tours from September 12th.  
Mount Everest reopened by Nepal to boost tourism.
No trip to Italy till October’20 – considering to extend its state of emergency.
Brazilian Island to reopen only for tourists who have recovered from COVID.
Emirates to cover flyer’s COVID-19 medical & quarantine costs.
Goa- No COVID negative certificate required for all domestic tourists visiting the state.
Dubai – Hotel Atlantis, The Palm offering free COVID test for guests stating for 5 days or more.