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Learning French Online

Learning French can be fun !!!!!  To learn French effectively,  We offer a wide scope of levels from Beginner to Advanced French classes. Our courses are offered with adaptable timetables for all age groups starting from 5 years and on. We teach students of all classes from III-V, VI-IX and higher classes X,XI,XII and private tutoring. Children are more receptive to learning a new language.  As a parent, you are giving your youngster a long lasting favorable position by presenting them to an unknown dialect at an early age. Other than giving a head start to their future language learning, they profit by a demonstrated lift in academic execution in other subject areas as well.

We offer quality teaching that will ensure your kids get recognition and excel in French.  Our methodical teaching will also prepare your kids  for DELF Exams for their higher growth prospect in French.

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                 It increases your child’s cognitive abilities.

        Children’s minds are more receptive to learning a new language so it will be easier for them to learn French while they’re still young.

                  It will help them appreciate the culture and connect to their cultural background. 

               ♥  It’s a perfect chance to bond with your child. Learning together with your kid is a priceless bonding activity.

                 Bilingual kids could relate more to a wider group of people. Being able to communicate with a larger group of people will help broaden their relationships and experiences.

              ♥  A second language boosts a child’s self-confidence. It broadens opportunities for your child, gives him a competitive advantage in school, and sets him/her up for career success.

        It will build their emotional intelligence. Studies show that bilingual children have more empathy & higher EQ.


“Petit a petit, l'oiseau fait son nid” ...

Kathleen M Jacobs

We refer the following books :  Apprenons Le Francais , Enchantè , Entre Jeunes ( 9th & 10th classes)

French Animation is very famous as it is a great source of children’s entertainment. We provide a lot of french anime videos and comics in pdf that are rich in artistic culture.

There is no better way to learn French that by watching videos, listening to french songs and tuning to the latest podcasts. This helps the child to remember & retain the topics learnt. 

We provide the student with fun & exciting quizzes along with lot of practice exercises & tests.