Spanish is one of the most popular foreign language in the world and is spoken in many countries.

Presenting a kid an exposure to a foreign language allows the child to enhance their learning potential. Studies have shown that children who studies an unknown dialect scored well in tests like Math, general languages, Computers, etc.  Little kids are obviously very fit to get familiar with a new foreign language because of their receptivity to learning & cognitive skills. They also improve their mental ability, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and psychological enhancement. 

We at Travelangue make the learning very interactive and enjoyable through the Online Platform. The methodology we have adapted enhances the students learning ability through exercises, videos, slide shows, animes, quizzes, frequent tests. Our teachers are in exact accordance with the curriculum of the schools of various boards. Our classes further prepares students for exams like DELE for their future prospects and growth. 

Spanish for Kids.

El amor todo lo puede

We follow books in accordance with the school curriculum – Companeros, Collins Gem Dictionary, En accion.

To make the classes fun & enjoyable we provide videos, Audios & Latest Podcasts to enrich child’s learning experience.

Regular Tests ensure student understanding the concepts and enhancing it by Online Quizzes & Online Games.

A better way to learn everyday expressions and understand humor. Comics keeps the child involved in learning the language.