BookCovid Safe Hotels & Resorts In Goa
Lockdown has changed broadly and our guests need assurance even more than ever, and they are looking for accommodation options that are COVID Safe and strictly follow Health Guidelines issued by the health authorities in Goa (India).
We are in constant touch with the hotels and Resorts for latest updates so that our guests can benefit while their stay in Goa and can have stress free holiday. You can choose amongst a variety of Hotel categories from Luxury Resorts to Boutique home stays and opting the right COVID safe hotel for your vacation. Happy Holidaying in Goa !!!!!

Covid19 Brief SOP Guidelines&Safe Guidelines During Your Holiday In Goa:

Hygiene and Sanitization are indeed the most essential requirements for all the tourists / travellers while choosing a stay for their vacation in Goa. Similarly, the Units / Hotels / Resorts in Goa are provided with important guidelines by the Health & Tourism Regulatory bodies. While we try to convey the best procedures and updated guidelines, we suggest you to kindly check the updates on the websites for latest Travel Advisory to Goa.

Here are some basic essential procedures to be followed by you, as a traveller, to Goa :

1. You are required to wear a mask at all times when in public and follow Social-Distancing when interacting with the staff of the hotel and other guests.
2. If you are feeling breathlessness or Covid19 like symptoms, kindly report yourself to the nearest medical help or your family/relatives/friends immediately.
3. We understand that you may have some inconveniences due to some activities, facilities and services not available during your stay, we request you to kindly co-operate with our team / staff of the hotel as it is beyond their control at times due to Covid19 restrictions.

Some basic guidelines that the Hotel / Resorts in Goa are advised to follow:

1. All Staff at the hotel / resorts are checked for their temperatures and have to wear face masks. They all follow Social Distancing guidelines. The staff strength is reduced to avoid too many people around for a particular service.
2. As much as possible, interactions would be done over the phone and in intercoms to avoid the virus transmission, if any.
3. Some Service areas are not open for guests due to restrictions and common areas are sanitised at regular intervals. We regret the inconvenience that may cause to you due to this.
4. Cancellation and Booking Terms for your holidays vary from hotel to hotel and. Incase of delays, we request you to kindly understand and we thank you for your patience.