Goa is an epitome of beauty, flora, and fauna. The tiny emerald is for nature lovers as well as adventure enthusiasts. Apart from the golden beaches and water sports, Goa can be explored and enjoyed in many other ways. It has so much to offer to the tourists that people want to visit Goa again and again. One such activity which is not a very famous one but has a lot to show. Crocodile and Bird watching tour is one package which connects you better to the flora as well as fauna.
This trip is completed in around 2 and a half hours. The tour begins from the Old Goa jetty, from there you have to reach the Cortalim jetty in the south. You will be picked up from there and will go through the Zuaririver to the Cumbarjua canal. This boat ride is just amazing as you don’t know how time flies when you are on a boat ride. This 92 km long River is connected to few canals and Cumbarjua canal is one of them. This canal connects the Zuari River to the Mandoviriver.