Tropical spice plantation is located in Keri(Ponda), a village untouched by pollution, 6 km off Ponda. Tropical spice Plantation can also be reached from Panjim via Mardol. Tropical Spice Plantation is spread over large tract of verdant land, which offers the perfect setting for you to soak in a pure unadulterated nature. The splendour of nature goes well with ancient traditiones. At Tropical Spice Plantation we nature have strived to maintain traditions in harmony with nature. We welcome our guests in a traditional way by offering Aarti,Kumkum, and a garland of flowers. Then the guests are served with herbal team. Healthy and nutrtious food is served in a traditional manner on a banana leaf. The Tropical Spice Plantation guided tour will refresh your senses and make you feel a part of nature. Indulge in a riot of colors in our butterfly garden, as the latest additions to our already magnificient ecosystem fly around. Delight in the sight of over 75 spices of birds within the plantation. Catch sight of some vary rare and endangered species of birds.